Album Review: Syphor – For What Remains

Syphor - For What Remains

Syphor [Ireland]
For What Remains
Full Length
Death/Thrash Metal

It’s been two years since Irish death/thrash metal band Syphor‘s debut album, introducing to listeners their brand of infectious and groovy metal, and this year sees the Irish outfit release their follow up to Stained Glass Blasphemy in the form of their sophomore full length album, For What Remains.

In keeping up with the dark themes that the band had introduced to listener with Stained Glass BlasphemyInferno kicks off the album with a haunting melody played on clean guitars. But things heat up soon enough with the first riffs of Daragh and Franco, and one quickly finds himself in a headbanging frenzy with the aggressive, yet groovy riffs. Dan’s vocals are still as blood-soaked and tortured as before, really bringing in the aggression in the music. Yet this aggression is often balanced by the melodic sensibilities of the axe-wielding duo of the band, who punctuates the harshness with soaring lead spots, at the same time displaying the versatility of their playing, and often this is what makes For What Remains stand out compared to their previous material..

Compared to their debut, on For What RemainsSyphor has definitely shown their progress as a band, and the band manages to achieve a sound that is tighter than before, which makes this record a much more enjoyable one than before. Despite the rather raw production quality (which does give the band a more underground sound and feel), the mix of the instruments and the energy that is emanated by the band, especially drummer Jay, makes for For What Remains to be a rather powerful listen.

That said though, there are moments on the album where the band drags on for too long, and the placement of the 7-minute long track My Throne to Be towards the end of the album certainly seemed to be counterproductive, and would have probably worked better if placed earlier on in the release. Still, a commendable effort and generally their most enjoyable material so far.

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