Album Review: Truth Be Known – By Any Means Necessary

Truth Be Known - By Any Means Necessary

Truth Be Known [Singapore]
By Any Means Necessary
Full Length
MourningSound Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

Truth Be Known is one of the first local bands that I encountered early into my exploration of local metal, and until today, they remain one of the few local bands that have stayed in my iPod, despite the rather huge shift in sound from their debut album, Just Another Lamb to their last EP release, Asphyxihate. 4 years since Asphyxihate, the band finally releases their highly anticipated second full length album, By Any Means Necessary.

Compared to what was on their debut, Just Another LambBy Any Means Necessary sees the band going in the more grind-ish direction that was laid down on their self-titled and Asphyxihate EPs. Kicking off with No Longer an ExcuseBy Any Means Necessary promises at least 40 minutes of non-stop death/grind attack, a la classic bands such as Napalm Death, Nasum and the likes. Yet the band prevents themselves from being a carbon copies of any of their influences, as the band doesn’t forget the element of groove in their songwriting. Songs like A Song for the Masses puts in huge and addictive chunky guitar riffs and hooks to completely captivate the listener, courtesy of guitarists Damien and Selvam. Album closer Throwback even sees the band going in a more conventional, old school rock ‘n’ roll direction, before going into a balladish segment in the middle, where I half-expected the band to belt out Home Sweet Home.

The inclusion of a re-recorded version of the crowd pleaser track Life Kills You is also a nice touch, giving followers of the band some sense of familiarity right from the first time listening to the album.

Furthermore, movie buffs will find some appreciation in By Any Means Necessary as well, with the band including clips of a whole range of classic movies throughout the album as intros to their tracks, from The Usual Suspects to The Big Lebowski. And the band does this with reason as well, with some samples helping to set a somewhat comedic mood, while others being more sinister, displaying the hate and anger on the track.

My only gripe though is in the rather inconsistent production quality on the album, though the extremely entertaining songwriting and musicianship more than makes up for this.

TBK has gained a reputation of being an extremely fun live band over the years, with their local performance almost always promising a hyperactive and full crowd, and By Any Means Necessary has managed to capture this very infectious energy of the band, making it an extremely fun album.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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