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Truth Be Known [SINGAPORE]
Truth Be Known
Death/Trash Metal

Singapore’s angriest band is back with their self-titled EP. In just 4 tracks clocking at under 10 minutes, Truth Be Known unleashes all their rage and anger upon the listener, making this perhaps the wildest 10 minutes of your life. If you have already heard their debut full length album (Just Another Lamb, 2008) you know what you are in for, except that Truth Be Known now introduces a lot more urgency in their music, an urgency to make sure that the listener is as angry as the band is at the end of the 10 minutes.

While half the band is made up of members of melodic death metal band Bhelliom (drummer Gene and guitarist Damien), do not expect a Bhelliom clone. Truth Be Known is definitely more on the thrashy end of the death metal spectrum.

While Just Another Lamb had a pretty serious tone to it, with lyrics related to religion (remember the spoken vocals on the opening track?), their self-titled EP displays a less serious and more fun side of the band, with funkier bass and guitar lines underlying the angry lyrics that are lashed out by vocalist Subash. From the opening track where the band commands you to “Go Asphyxiate Yourself” to the ending track, it’s a whirlwind ride with furious instrumentation. One notable thing is the prominence of the bass this time, especially on the track “Herbalife” where it introduces the listener to the song with a funky bass line.

STAY AWAY, if you are afraid of multiple f-words because these are sure to scare you pretentious good boys. If you are don’t believe that the band are serious in having fun (and of course, in their music as well), you have to catch them live to know what I’m talking about.

Thanks to Truth Be Known for the complimentary copies of the EP!

Truth Be Known on MySpace.

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