Album Review: Uncreation – The Great Delusion

Uncreation - The Great Delusion

Uncreation [Australia]
The Great Delusion
Full Length
The Black Wreath
Death Metal

Australia’s Uncreation has been around for 5 years now, and with a single split release with label mates The Horror and Miazma under their belts, the band this year finally drops their full length album, The Great Delusion, 9 tracks of intense, crushing death metal.

Kicking off the album with Divinity, one instinctively knows what he is in for, as the riffs of Wonky and Luke crush the listener like a tonne of bricks, backed by the heavy artillery of Rowley. Unlike their compatriots such as Cemetery Urn or Ignivomous, speed is not of the main focus on The Great Delusion, as Uncreation instead chooses a style that is more mid to doom-paced to bash in the listener’s skulls. Each chord is picked, and each hit on the skins is with the sole intention to make the record as heavy as possible.

That said, there are moments where things pick up a little bit, and here the band shows the range of influences that have gone into their songwriting, from the Morbid Angel-esque thrashy and chaotic riffs to the more slamming, chugging style of bands like Devourment or Kraanium, like on White Devil. Technical and complex moments on the record also brings in some Suffocation resemblances, making The Great Delusion a great death metal orgy. There are even some black metal influences littered throughout the record, like that Behemoth-ish opening riffs on Unspeakable Things, leaving the listener squirming in his seat with discomfort, fitting to the overall listening experience of Uncreation.

If there is one thing that Uncreation‘s The Great Delusion goes to prove, it is the quality of Aussie bands, and their ability to create some of the most captivating, yet extreme music that one listens to.

Oh, and do remember to stay on for the hidden track at the end of the record – a track to surprise listeners, and a fitting way to end such a disturbing, heavy record.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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The Black Wreath

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