Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre

Bevar Sea - Invoke the Bizarre

Bevar Sea [India]
Invoke the Bizarre
Full Length
The Mighty Riff Records
Stoner/Doom Metal

My journey with stoner/doom metal this week brings me to India, where my only encounters thus far have been interesting, from the melodic extreme metal of Demonic Resurrection to the illustrious storytelling of heavy metallers Albatross. Having heard of Bevar Sea a couple of times now, coupled with my pretty long-running interest in the stoner/doom metal genre, it is impeccable timing that the band drops their sophomore full length album, Invoke the Bizarre.

From the first riffs that the band drops, I immediately understood the hype about Bevar Sea‘s craft, as the band brings together the crushing heaviness and the groovy into a style that one can easily headbang to. The influences from pioneers are obvious, from the doom pace and gloomy atmosphere of Black Sabbath on their debut to the stoner elements of bands like Sleep or High on Fire, especially on the more energetic and faster-paced moments. The creepiness that the band emanates even reminds one of the works of bands such as Electric Wizard or Windhand at times, especially with the lead lines of guitarist Rahul.

Ganesh also displays his versatility as a vocalist, displaying different styles throughout the album. While the sneering vocal style of Ganesh at times brings with the band’s music a rather sinister vibe, helping to add to the darkness that Invoke the Bizarre evokes while keeping things catchy and melodic, the gruffer, pseudo-growls/shouts bring out the aggression and anger in the band’s music.

With Invoke the BizarreBevar Sea joins the ranks of Indian bands that I have come to appreciate over the years, further showcasing the talents that is hidden in what probably isn’t the first continent that comes to people’s minds when the metal genre is mentioned.


1. Bearded and Bizarre
2. Bury Me in NOLA
3. Sleeping Pool
4. Where There’s Smoke (There is a Pyre)
5. Heathen
6. The Grand Alignment

Bevar Sea on the internet:
The Mighty Riff Records

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