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Your Introduction to Black Metal in Singapore

Along with the recent saga came a surge of interest in the black metal genre. Just look at posts on alternative media such as this:

Perhaps it is in good time that we also introduce some local (Singaporean) black metal acts as well. In no order of preference, we present to you… Black metal in …

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Guitarist Spotlight: Paul Danial (Ministry of Rock)

In the final part of our guitarist spotlight series, we feature Paul Danial, axeman for local hard rock/heavy metal band Ministry of Rock. Having rocked Singapore for more than 20 years, and a signature series of guitar with Swing guitars, we talk to Paul to learn more about his musical history and some advice for …

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Guitarist Spotlight: Ryan (Deus Ex Machina)

This week we talk to Ryan, guitarist of Deus Ex Machina, known not only for their extremely technical form of death metal and also for his stage antics which have drawn both ire and praise from those who have witnessed them live. Read on to know more about what goes on behind this crazy mastermind …

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Guitarist Spotlight: Niloc and Xepher (Draconis Infernum)

This issue of the guitarist spotlight we feature the two axe wielders from Draconis Infernum, Niloc and Xepher.

Check back in the following 2 Fridays to catch the final 2 guitarists to be featured on our column!

Greetings Niloc and Xepher! Before we start the interview, would it be possible to tell us a bit …

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Guitarist Spotlight: Qin (ITNOS)

In our 2nd article for the Guitarist Spotlight column, we feature Qin, guitarist from death metal outfit, ITNOS (also featuring Zul – Cynical Sounds). We learn more about his roles in ITNOS, and some of the thought process in music writing.

Check back every Friday as we talk to different guitarists each week!

HMT: Hi …

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