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HMT MOVIE CLUB: The Last: Naruto the Movie

I am definitely in a state of mourning. As we all know, the Naruto Manga series has finally come to an end…after a weird as fuck final battle arc. We got to know who and who had the sex, and what they become in their future.
Here’s the last Naruto movie, or so they claim for now…and my body is pumped up with hormones of mixed emotions of excitement and great despair.

HMT Movie Club: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

This highly anticipated Avengers Sequel with record-busting production budget is finally here… And movies like these make me feel really luck to be alive to watch it. I’ll admit now, I am not a Marvel or comic book fan, and therefore I know shit about the original story vs. the movie. I”m just here to give my opinion on this movie, based on what I see.

HMT Movie Club: CHAPPiE

This, is the first movie, in a damn long time, which it is actually better than its trailer and miscellaneous promotional attempts.

I was mislead into thinking that this is another iRobot flick, discussing about what it means to be ‘alive’ and ‘aware’, or one of those ‘droids …

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HMT Movie Club: Lone Survivor

Set in the Afghanistan War in 2008, a Navy SEAL team was tasked in the assassination of a Taliban leader. The humanity of SEAL Team 10, along with technical glitches, lead to a grueling battle with Taliban fighters, and Lone Survivor tells of the quest for survival for the sole surviving Team 100 member, …

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HMT Movie Club: Hangover Part III

Of all the recent drunken comedies, I have liked the Hangover series the most, with the first 2 instalments of the trilogy being some of the funniest and most hilarious no-brainer movies, yet having their touching moments as well. So when Hangover Part III came out, I quickly grabbed the chance to catch the movie, …

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