CHUGGA RITUAL Releases Digital EP, Brisik Kaos Magick

Singaporean groove metal project Chugga Ritual has released its new live EP, entitled Brisik Kaos Magick digitally via their BandCamp page.

Band mastermind Burhan Skullbanger comments:

Chugga Ritual‘s St Anger

I wanted it to sound raw like St Anger minus the tin can snare.

I wanted all the imperfections. I wanted the honesty of live jam. So no fixing of mistakes

It was only due to technical considerations that we recorded the music first, then the vocals. 1 hour of music, and then one hour of vocals.

For the mixing, I let Mr Wong AhBoy to do his magic. There was zero interference on how the sound should be in terms of tone or volume. I decided whether I like or not the mixing, it is final. And lo behold it is the audio vision I had in mind when I first decided to do a live jam recording at TNT.”

Listen to the EP below, or purchase the EP via Chugga Ritual‘s BandCamp page here.

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