Comaniac – Return to the Wasteland

Comaniac - Return to the Wasteland

Comaniac [Switzerland]
Return to the Wasteland
Full Length
Thrash Metal

The global old school thrash revival is going strong, with too many bands these days glorifying the early days of thrash metal with their interpretations of the genre. Swiss thrash merchants Comaniac are no different, and 5 years since their formation, the band drops their debut full length album, Return to the Wasteland.

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With most of my experience with Swiss bands being of the black and death metal variety thus far, finally encountering one of my first Swiss thrash bands was exciting, leaving me to wonder what the experience was gonna be like. Rather unsurprisingly, Comaniac takes cues from some of the early shapers of thrash metal, specifically of the Bay Area variety. Right from the first riffs of 1, 2, Rage, the influences from Bay Area legends such as Metallica and Testament are immediately clear, particular in the fast, yet complex riffing style of guitarists Dominic and Jonas, who blaze through the album with ease.

He is backed by the rhythmic section of bassist Raymond and drummer Cédric, who provide much of the heaviness in the music. This is especially clear on the slower, mid-paced tracks on the album such as Secret Seed, where along with the vocals of Jonas one is reminded of more contemporary bands such as Evile and Warbringer, further displaying their range of influences.

Any fan of thrash will find Comaniac‘s debut an easy pill to swallow, and the band’s material on Return to the Wasteland is a more than fitting homage to the legends of thrash metal. If you liked the recent releases of bands such as Alkira or Breathless, this will be an album that one will find easy to appreciate as well.


1. 1, 2, Rage
2. Secret Seed
3. Cut Throat
4. Fist of Friends
5. Killing Tendency
6. …And There is No Job
7. Solitude
8. The Rake
9. Monsters Final Creation
10. Flakhead

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