FOGG – High Testament

FOGG - High Testament

High Testament
Full Length
Tee Pee Records
Psychedelic Rock/Doom/Stoner Metal

From the label that brought you bands like Sacri Monti, comes yet another psychedelic act, FOGG and their debut full length album High Testament. The psychedelic album artwork already promises a trippy affair, and the music certainly lives up to the first impressions that the band gives off.

An acoustic intro kicks off the album with Joy of Home, but things get heavy pretty quickly as band axe-wielder Chase intensifies the listening experience with the blues-laden, and heavy as hell riffs that bring one back to the glory days of Sabbath in the 60s and 70s. Much of the instrumental section of FOGG, such as the bass lines of Brandon and the drums of Ethan remind one of records such as Black Sabbath and Paranoid, a nice throwback to the early days of doom metal and metal in general. The leads and solos of Chase in particular aligns FOGG with these doom godfathers, and often one would mistake these moments as lost moments of Black Sabbath.

Like their label mates Sacri Monti, the psychedelic elements are much heavier on High Testament compared to the influences that the band has drawn from, such as through the usage of synths on tracks like Mountain. There is often alternating between different moods, such as the sudden switch to a somewhat lighter section on songs like You are Welcome, sounding like a doom-infused Temples (especially with Brandon’s vocals), catching the listener unawares after the relentlessly heavy experience prior. Acoustic track The Garden is beautiful and haunting at the same time, with Brandon’s emotional vocals driving the track, leaving one in pieces after the track.

FOGG‘s full length has further solidified my faith in Tee Pee Records, after the excellent Sacri Monti release. If one were looking for a quality record that throws back to the early days of rock and metal, or if one were a fan of bands such as Orchid, look no further than FOGG‘s High Testament to quench that thirst.


1. Joy of Home
2. You are Welcome
3. The Garden
4. Seasons
5. Mountain
6. Hand of the Lord
7. Grass in Mind

Favourite picks: Joy of HomeYou are Welcome

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