Heavy Metal News – May 22, 2013

WHITE WIZZARD: New Song Available For Streaming

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“Strike The Iron”, a brand new song from Los Angeles metallers WHITE WIZZARD, can be streamed at this location. The track comes off the band’s third full-length album, “The Devils Cut”, which will be released on June 3 in Europe via Earache Records and June 25 in the USA through Century Media/Earache. The CD features artwork by Cameron Davis, who is known for as the lead character designer and illustrator for the Guitar Hero video game series.

Comments WHITE WIZZARD bassist and mainman Jon Leon: “‘Strike The Iron’ is my favorite WHITE WIZZARD song I have ever written, along with ‘The Sun Also Rises’, which closes the new record. I am very proud of the arrangement. I had the verse melody in my head and chorus line before I even picked up the guitar and started writing it. It has stunning leads by Jake and Will, and Joseph interpreted the vocal melody fantastically and gave so much character to it. This song really exemplifies everything this lineup is capable of and everyone’s talents really came through on it. It never lets up and we are very excited to get this one out there live…I expect it to be our opening song for the next couple of years.”

“The Devils Cut” was once again produced by Ralph Patlan(MEGADETHUFOMICHAEL SCHENKER) at Phase Four Studios in Tempe, Arizona.

Regarding the cover artwork for the new CD, Leon aid: “It was great to work with the amazing artist Cameron Davis again, who also did the art for our album ‘Over The Top’Cameron and I live in the same building here in L.A. and he is a really talented guy. When he presented me the piece for the album cover, I knew right away it was the one. It has amazing imagery and depth and is very artful, while making a tongue-in-cheek statement poking some fun at organized religion, which is something I feel strongly about.

“Some of my lyrics on this album and previous albums focus on not letting religion and the cult of group belief blind you from the preservation of thinking for yourself and being an individual, so it ties into that very well, as the statement of the piece is how religion is imprisonment for the soul and how, even within its own confines, it forces its believers into blind group submission. I think any of us that went to catholic school as a child can relate to that nun!!! It has ‘classic metal cover’ all over it and it just blew my mind.

“I look forward to this imagery being out there and am proud to have it be a part of WHITE WIZZARD. To have art of this quality to convey the visual aspects of the band is just fantastic.”


ANVIL: Entire ‘Hope In Hell’ Album Available For Streaming

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“Hope In Hell”, the new album from Canadian metal legends ANVIL, can be streamed in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget at this location. Due on May 27 in Europe and May 24 in Germany on SPV/Steamhammer, the follow-up to 2011’s “Juggernaut Of Justice” will be available in four different formats: as a limited-edition digipak including two bonus tracks, as a jewel case CD, double gatefold colored vinyl LP and as a digital download. These are the first cuts featuring ANVIL’s new bassist Sal Italiano, who joined the band a year ago.

“We’re really happy with Sal. His style is powerful and amazingly imaginative,” says ANVIL guitarist/vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow, who composed the entire album along with drummer Robb Reiner. “It’s a little as if we’d enlisted Steve Harris.”

“Hope In Hell” was written and recorded following an 18-month world tour which took ANVIL around the globe. “We hadn’t expected this kind of extensive tour when we brought out ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’,” Kudlowconfesses. “Time just flew by. I could hardly believe it when I found myself in the studio again after the tour, ready to work on the next album. The reactions to ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ and the shows had been so positive that we had plenty of ideas and inspiration for new material.”

Kudlow is referring to typical ANVIL tracks such as “Hope In Hell”, which the ANVIL guitarist considers a logical continuation of legendary numbers like “Forged In Fire”“Metal On Metal” and “Plenty Of Power”. He also mentions “Eat Your Words”, according to Kudlow a “hybrid between ‘Jackhammer’ and ‘666’, in other words pure ANVIL, like in our early days.” Pretty much the same applies to haunting new tracks like “The Fight Is Never Won” and “Call Of Duty”, which presentANVIL true to form. But there are also a number of real surprises on“Hope In Hell”: “A song like ‘Badass Rock’n’Roll’ with its rock’n’roll groove surprised even me,” Kudlow admits. “It shows our great respect for bands like AC/DC and MOTÖRHEAD. I’m sure that all ANVIL fans will love this song because it’s the best we’ve done in this direction.”“Mankind Machine” sees Kudlow & Co. break new ground: never before has this band sounded so mechanical (like the title suggests). And never before has it sounded as oriented to the classic rock feel of the seventies as in “Time Shows No Mercy”.

So ANVIL are proud to present the kind of album that ANVIL fans will love: no concessions to short-lived trends, no modern frills but traditional metal with lots of classic rock music elements.

“What we do is totally timeless,” says ANVIL’s frontman. “We’ve never tried to change our sound or experiment with trends and fashions. We live in our own world and have maintained our individuality and own identity.”

Like “Juggernaut Of Justice”“Hope In Hell” was produced by Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATHAIRBOURNEALICE COOPER) at the NRG Recording studios in North Hollywood, California and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (YNGWIE MALMSTEENSEPULTURA).

“The album’s flair reminds me of the beginnings of classic heavy metal in the most positive sense of the term,” says Kudlow. “I grew up in the Seventies, and I still like what I listened to back then.

“You can always rely on ANVIL. We don’t write our music for the radio and we don’t want to break any records. Some media criticize our uncompromising attitude, but we’re proud of never having betrayed our ideals and having remained faithful to our roots.

“We’re really proud and already love the new album just as much as our early releases from the beginning of the Eighties, because ‘Hope In Hell’sounds like ANVIL live on stage: natural, honest, unvarnished, never over-produced and straight from the heart.”

“Hope In Hell” track listing:

01. Hope In Hell
02. Eat Your Words
03. Through With You
04. The Fight Is Never Won
05. Pay The Toll
06. Flying
07. Call Of Duty
08. Badass Rock N Roll
09. Time Shows No Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut The Fuck Up
12. Hard Wired (bonus track)
13. Fire At Will (bonus track)


OMNIUM GATHERUM: ‘Formidable’ Video Released

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“Formidable”, the new video from Finnish melodic death metallersOMNIUM GATHERUM, can be seen at this location. The clip was directed byHannu Mikkola of Visual Vortex at OMNIUM GATHERUM’s hometown show in Kotka earlier this year as part of the “Beyond” record-release tour.

Says the band: “As you can see, it is not a huge stage, where bands usually do the ‘live-like’ music videos, but we hope this video captured the special feeing of the evening…”

“Formidable” comes off OMNIUM GATHERUM’s new album, “Beyond”, which was released on February 25 in Europe and March 5 in North America via Lifeforce Records. The CD was recorded by Teemu Aaltoand mixed and mastered once again by Dan Swanö. The artwork for the follow-up to 2011’s “New World Shadows” was created by Olli Lappalainen and can be seen below.

“Beyond” track listing:

01. Luoto
02. New Dynamic
03. In The Rim
04. Nightwalkers
05. Formidable
06. The Sonic Sign
07. Who Could Say
08. The Unknowing
09. Living In Me
10. White Palace

The special edition of “Beyond” contains the band’s brand new cover version of “Subdivisions” by RUSHOMNIUM GATHERUM guitaristMarkus Vanhala told Soundi magazine: “As pretty much everyone in the band is a fan of RUSH, we decided to take the bull by the horns and make or own bold ‘Omnification’ of ‘Subdivisions’. Besides, Metal Hammer wrote already at the time of our debut album that if OPETH are the PINK FLOYD of this scene, then OMNIUM are likely to turn intoRUSH at the very least. It was time to pick up the gauntlet!”

Regarding the musical and lyrical direction of “Beyond”Vanhalapreviously stated: “It’s now been approximately 10 years since our debut full-length album, ‘Spirits And August Light’, was released and the world was waiting. The latest 2011 album, ‘New World Shadows’, was a good breakthrough for us and lots of good things happened after that record, so, of course, we had some pressures to do a decent successor for that great record as the world was waiting again.

“Well, I think we managed on mastering that task and now we’re back again with the OMNIUM GATHERUM’s sixth album called ‘Beyond’, the album that is really going beyond all limits of melodic death metal from the winter wonderland! The album follows the good known path of ‘New World Shadows’ and ‘The Redshift’, but adds a lot of new flavors and spices to the good ol’ melting pot to lift the band to a new heights. It’s our most melodic and versatile album so far, but at the same time, it still holds for example the most brutal death metal growls in our career yet as also some really tasteful clean vocals between the lines. I’m sure everyone who gives the album many spins can find something new with every turn, so this should be a album that hold up the sands of time and rewards the listeners who are digging deeper and searching something more than just a one hit wonders of the day!

“Lyrically told, ‘Beyond’ is about the culmination point of one’s existence. It is a coming-home story where the mysteries of duality are melted into oneness but without losing one single point of individuality along the arrival.

“As you can see from the cover, there’s also a strong sense of sea on the album, as we’re the sons of the sea from Kotka!”

OMNIUM GATHERUM recently announced the addition of bassist Erkki Silvennoinen to the group’s ranks.

“New World Shadows” entered the official chart in Finland at position No. 5. This marked the highest chart entry in the group’s history, having previously landed at No. 24 with 2008’s “The Redshift” and No. 31 with 2007’s “Stuck Here On Snakes Way”.


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