Heavy Metal News – September 2, 2012

IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Maiden England’ DVD To Include Previously Unreleased Footage

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According to Metal-Rules.com, bassist Steve Harris of British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN has revealed to the German magazine Rock Hard that the band’s “Maiden England” concert video will be re-released in 2013, with the footage expanded to comprise the show’s encores which were not included in the original VHS version of the set.

IRON MAIDEN’s recent “Maiden England” tour closely mirrored, in terms of production and content, the original 1988 concert video of the same name, shot on the 7th Tour Of A 7th Tour. The spectacular stage set was recreated, complete with a magnificent light show, pyro and a newly reincarnated Eddie.

When asked by The Aquarian Weekly what the reason was behind choosing a setlist like that of the famous 1988 excursion, IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith said, “Well, we just thought it’d be fun to revisit that period in time — there were some good songs there. It’s just great revisiting some of the songs we haven’t played for a long while. It keeps us fresh and it’s just, you know, we got a lot of new fans coming on board now, a lot of younger fans who probably never saw or were around when we did that tour. That’s one factor of it for us revisiting that time and I think there’s some good songs from that period, so it’s fun to do.”


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Drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner has left Polish extreme metallers DECAPITATED. He explained in a statement, “Too many personal differences and other difficulties made me decide like this.” He added, “I appreciate the good times we had together and what we could achieve in more than two and a half years. Even if our ways are dividing, I wish the band to keep going. However, it’s time for me to move on.”

He continued, “I don’t know what will be next, but I would like to stay in this business. I love to write and play music for you guys. This is my life and this is what I want to continue.”

DECAPITATED has reportedly recruited former VADER drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz as Lechner’s replacement.

GAMMA RAY Parts Ways With Drummer, Announces Replacement

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German power metallers GAMMA RAY have parted ways with drummer Dan Zimmerman and have replaced him with Michael Ehré (LOVE.MIGHT.KILL, FIREWIND, ULI JON ROTH, METALIUM).

A video message from GAMMA RAY announcing the new drummer can be seen below (recorded on August 30 at the Hammer Recording Studios in Hamburg, Germany).

Commented GAMMA RAY guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen: “Since you’ve been wondering for a long time what’s going on in GAMMA RAY, here’s some news. You might have heard through the grapevine that Danny has left the band, which was very unfortunate for us. But I think that we found a very good new guy here. And since we’ve been playing with him quite a while, we can say we proudly present our new drummer, Mr. Michael Ehré. Give him a warm welcome and stay tuned for some news.”

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