Heavy Metal Tribune Interview – Bloodcurse, Frontman of Ilemauzar and Founder of Ventbox Productions

Mikael Bloodcurse is no stranger to the local music scene, having being the frontman of Ilemauzar since the last 90s and the founder of local promoter Ventbox Production. The man himself has always been keeping himself busy juggling between his band and organising shows. Heavy Metal Tribune speaks to Bloodcurse on some of the challenges he encounter as a promoter and the progress update on Ilemauzar follow-up album!

Ilemauzar live 2019

HMT – Greeting Bloodcurse, Thanks a lot for taking your time out for this short interview! Understand you have been busy recently with the organizing of Black Metal Day 2020 and recording of Ilemauzar follow-up album. Maybe you could share with us on the progress of the recording?

Bloodcurse – Hello HMT! Thank you for taking the time to interview me. Yeah! We are pretty busy now with Black Metal Day 2020 with all the preparation and the headliner coming all the way from Czech Republic. As for the new album for Ilemauzar, we are currently working on tracking the guitars and bass. Drums are already done in Perth, Australia. We reckon the album should be fully recorded by April and will be sent to Kick Recording Studio in Rome, Italy. Our friend, Marco Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance/Inno) will be handling all necessary reampiing, mixing and mastering of the new album. So watch our space soon for more updates.  


HMT – IIemauzar last release “The Ascension” was released in 2016, That was almost 4 years gap in between albums. What can fans be expecting from this follow-up album?

Bloodcurse – Has it been 4 years already?!!! Hahahaha! Still blasphemous as fuck! But with more creativity and more powerful music. In terms of song writing, I think we have progress into something more mature than the debut. However, not losing the essence of black metal. In fact, it’s more black metal than the first. 

The team behind Ventbox Productions

HMT – Vent Box productions have come a long way since 2013. Recently this year Dark Mirror of Tragedy from Korea have joined the expending booking roster of Vent Box and with the band recently completing a European Tour with Polish “Devilish Impression”. 2020 certainly will be another busy year in terms of booking of bands under Vent Box Production?

Bloodcurse – We have yet to know for sure and since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, a few tours have been put on hold till further notice. We are definitely planning on sending more bands out on tour this year but let’s hope this fucking virus goes soon! 

HMT – Let’s talk about the upcoming “Black Metal Day 2020” on 8 March 2019 at Red Lantern. Despite the cancellation of concert locally due to the on-going Covid-19 virus. What motivates you to proceed on with the show? And will this be an annual event? 

Bloodcurse – To be honest, we were only planning to host Inferno (Czech Republic Black Metal) and 2 more Asia/lLocal bands for this event. But then I realized where my roots were in music and decided to “Make Black Metal Great Again!”. LOL!  Plus both the supporting bands we invited were somehow related to black metal or already a black metal band. So just get 2 more black metal bands on and thus, the birth of Black Metal Day. Also, since the Watain incident last year, many people have a wrong perception of black metal bands being just pure Satanic and full terror. We are not fucking terrorist and we keep our ideologies to ourselves.  We do not force our beliefs unto others like some fucking stupid religion! Plus every end of a black metal show, the people who attended the event just go back home happy. Example was the Cult of Fire show last year.  And yes! Black Metal Day is going to be put up annually like it or not!

Ilemauzar live in Indonesia

HMT – Singapore in recent times has seen a rising number of local promoters e.g. Street Noise Production, Vent Box Production and Death Sentence Production etc. organizing metal shows. However, the local authorities have also been coming down hard on performance venue. Which resulted in a reduction of performance venue. As a promoter I’m sure you must have felt the effects of this. Would there be any plans for local promoters to come together and established a common performance venue?

Bloodcurse – Not at the moment but that is a pretty good suggestion. However, as you already said, authorities are coming down hard on private venues. Establishing one is not easy as it involves time and monetary investment. It will be a shitty situation if the newly established venue gets evicted. All efforts will be gone to waste. Right now, we can only depend on the few approved venues hoping that they will continue running as long as possible until we find a better solution.  

HMT – We’re 5 days away from Black Metal 2020, what can metalhead expect from this event? And will there be any preview of Ilemauzar new material?

Ilemauzar live at Metal United Worldwide 2018

Bloodcurse – 3 words for the metalhead as taken from Mayhem’s cult song! PURE FUCKING ARMAGEDDON! We might preview 1 or 2 tracks from the upcoming full length like what we did at Cult of Fire show last year. Stay tune!

HMT – Alright we have come down to the last question. Any last words to your fans and critics out there? 

Bloodcurse – Support your scene! Raise your Devil’s horns! 

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