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One of Singapore long standing band Blackened Heavy Metal Band “The Ironfist”is back! Formed back in 1998 as “Ironfist”. The band is return from it’s long hiatus! Heavy Metal Tribune speaks to frontman Alhuzzred on the band return and upcoming show on 8 March 2019 at Black Metal Day 2020.

HMT – Hi Alhuzzred! Many thanks for accepting this email interview! It’s been a long while indeed! For the benefit of our reader, could you provide us with a short introduction on the band?

Alhuzzred – Hails brother Clarence! Arrrggh its an honour to be interviewed by you! Its been a long time since we communicated..i guess over a decade has passed since..The Ironfist is your friendly neighbourhood Black N Roll / Blackened Heavy Metal band. We play our own brand of heavy metal, mixing diverse  elements into our metal (punk/ rock n roll / speed metal / hard rock) and especially our acquired taste of raw f*cking  black metal which is prominent in our hymns. The themes we touch upon are normally tongue in cheek eroticism , fantasy fiction and with a twist of local or Asian delicacies..If you look at our songs past and present, ive always enjoyed making reference to Singahorrian  (or SEAsian)historical events / characters / and culture.We formed originally in 98-99 till 2010 and went for nearly a decade of hiatus.. Now the Fist is back in business pillaging and plundering stages and your delicate eardrums! The Genghis Fist Machine rides back into town!

HMT – For a local metalhead like myself, who has been involved in the local metal scene for awhile. The Ironfist is a familiar name. However, I can see there’s a new line-up here? Could you tell us what happen in between the band hiatus?

Alhuzzred – disintegrated due to multiple factors and i found myself unable to hold everyone together i like normally did. It was realy disheartening. Pressure from work and family commitments also played a huge role in the hiatus. The new lineup that you see currently is not new at all actually. All of them ive known for more than 15 years running and all of them have contributed to the Fist in the past in one way or another… Ash (guitars / bass) have always been a supportive member behind the scenes, lending a helping hand now and then.. Damien (guitars) was our original recording engineer and co producer in the early 2001-2003 releases.. and Dim Mok (drums) has always been the kamikaze animal behind the drum throne and was with us since 2004. Even our Fistial Crew for eg. Xiluman (Ground Ops / guitars) had sacrificed and stood in as an axeman during those few moments we got sh*t by our own members.. So its safe to say that the current team are in fact old pals who have now become the core of The Fist..

The Ironfist live 2019

HMT – Considering you’re the founding member of the band from the original line-up. How do you compare to the local metal scene from 10 years ago till now?

Alhuzzred – Phew! Its such a vast difference as compared to the past metal scene. I realized that the crowds currently are more reserved and quiet as compared to what i used to experience. Nonetheless i see the scene is booming and blooming, with the great organizers continuously bringing in great foreign bands and also the flourishing of great new bands nowadays..Not forgetting the reformation of many of the old legends…Also i see many new and younger faces but in full support of almost everyone around..thats really cool..Plus  the current presence of social media if used positively is really a good tool…The last time i only relied on emails and physical flyers.. then again for the past decade ive been really a recluse neanderthal fella..

HMT – The band has since released it’s long awaited EP “Tyrannikal Adversaries”, how has the response been?

Alhuzzred – The EP is actually a re-release from our old back catalog.. To us personally, Tyrannikal Adversaries EP was the main core of what The Ironfist really was, is and ever shall be.. It will always be an iconic release for us and from us as it opened many opportunities in the past.. So i believe that amongst all our past releases, it would be good for new listeners to experience and start off with this specific EP.. Response was awesome and we are left with super limited quantities in which i won’t further press in future…

HMT – 2019 indeed was a busy year for the band, with the band performing at Buried Alive – Vol III performing with the likes of Evil from Japan and local metal legend Rudra. How does it feels to be back performing to such crowd?

Alhuzzred – Honestly ive gotta owe it to Daniel of DSP..This was the second time he encouraged me for The Ironfist to regroup and kick off once again…To be playing with the lineup of great bands was undeniably  a dream come true for  me as I was already a fan of EVIL..and this would be the third time to share the stage with Rudra (our last show was with them as well) and brothers of Bloodstone!It was really exhillirating and the crowd was totally  awesome! To also see new faces at the frontline as well as old pals from the past..truly a heartwarming exciting experience that i will never forget! It was like a big family reunion!

HMT – Are there any plans for the band to release an follow-up full length album anytime soon?

Alhuzzred – Yes sir very much indeed! Metalheads can expect

  • a short EP coming soon
  • a special split release
  • a Live release
  • and lastly, a full length coming soon …Everything above hopefully to be completed this year!! so watchout for our announcements!

HMT – 2020 will be another exciting year for The Ironfist with the Black Metal Day 2020 being the first show of the year. What can fans be expecting from the band?

Alhuzzred – Actually it will be the second show and back to back to back with another show just a day before.  Our Double The Dragons special! DOUBLE DOSE of Total FSITRUCTION!!Thanx to Mikael and Ventbox for inviting us! We hope that we will be entertaining the audience as much as we did in the past gig! Am really looking forward to have an insane time onstage and offstage! argghhhhhh!

HMT – We have come down to our final question, any last word for the fan?

Alhuzzred – The Ironfist is one band that has NO fans.. We only have friends and supporters.. and we appreciate all those who purchase our merch, who come to our shows, who enjoy our music. Cos they are the ones who help us grow! It has always been a practice to get to know each and everyone who supports our art as we would like to personally thank all of em.Support your local band FIRST before others!.

Stay Clean , Stay away from substances, and come and watch the Ironfist LIVE! Thank you brother for this great opportunity! Hails to you and HMT and keep up the metal spirit always!!! Its great to be in touch with you once again!

“Win or Lose nought to choose, all men are equal when their memory fades…No one knows, friends or foes, if Valhalla lies beyond the grave!” – Deaf Forever

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