Impalers – God from the Machine

Impalers - God from the Machine

Impalers [Denmark]
God from the Machine
Full Length
Crime Records
Thrash Metal

Having already experienced the frenzied thrash attack on their 2013 debut, Power Behind the Throne, Danish thrash metallers Impalers return this year with their sophomore full length, God from the Machine. With their 2014 EP Prepare for War being rather highly acclaimed and released under the excellent Evil EyE Records, one can be assured of the quality of the thrash metal of the Danish outfit on their new effort.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

After a calming, acoustic intro, the band breaks into their familiar brand of aggressive, high octane thrash metal. From Future Void, one can hear the influences from old school Teutonic bands such as Destruction and Kreator, aided particularly by the relentless speed and energy that is exuded by each of the band members. Yet at the same time, the riffing style of Søren and Thomas, especially in the percussive way that they execute the rhythmics on the album, one is also reminded of the early Bay Area thrash of Metallica and Testament, though the more chaotic and reckless moments on the album also give off a slight Havok or Warbringer vibe as well, especially on tracks like Prepare for War.

Of course, there are the more melodic moments on the album as well, often brought in through the lead guitars of Thomas, who shows off his skills by alternating between Kirk Hammett-styled shreddy leads and more melodic playing, like on the solo segments on the title track. There is also the inclusion of the ballad, Beyond Trinity, which I found a little too similar to Fade to Black, with its song structure, and even the playing of the individual band members sound too similar to Metallica. And coming in so early in the record, I could not shake off that Metallica association after the track, subconsciously hunting for similarities thereafter.

But overall, God from the Machine is a nice, well-rounded thrash record that brings in influences from all the main styles of the genre. Certainly a nice record to just bang your heads to.


1. Future Void
2. God from the Machine
3. Prepare for War
4. Beyond Trinity
5. Destroy the Meek
6. Ghost
7. The Walls of Eryx
8. I am Revolution
9. The Vulturine

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