Interview with Nicola from Handful of Hate

In it’s 17 years of history, Italian black metal horde Handful of Hate has released 5 full length albums. Clarence from Heavy Metal Tribune got the extreme opportunity to talk to Nicola, guitarist and vocalist and sole remaining founding member of the band.

HMT: Hi Nicola, thank you for taking time off to do this interview with us. To start this off, to people unfamiliar with Handful of Hate, give us a brief introduction and history of the band.


My pleasure! The band started the activity in 1993 and I did choose the name together with my bass player. We released our first demo “Goetia Summa” in 1995.” First CD “Qliphothic Supremacy” came in 1997 printed by Northern Darkness Records and in 1999 the second one “Hierarchy 1999”. A lot of concerts done between this release and the EP ”Death from Above” limited edition 666 copies printed by the Swedish label Downfall Records in 2001. In 2003 Code666 Records spawns the third full album called “ViceCrown” and Warlord Records Warlord Records releases a limited 500 copies EP called “Scorn And Conquest”, and during the following year (2004), Downfall Records releases the “Blood Calls Blood” MCD. In 2006 HANDFUL OF HATE records the fourth full- length album “Gruesome Splendour”. And nowdays we release the 5th full length album “You Will Bleed” for Cruz Del Sur Music.

As the sole remaining member from the original lineup, perhaps you could share with us some of the most memorable touring experiences in the band’s 17-year history?

Sure! We toured all around Europe and we’re getting ready for U.S. a lot of concerts done together with great bands and very well known ones. You can figure out easily what means to spend many hours flying or driving so a lot of fun, weird things and good experiences. Last time in Spain for example has been great a lot of different places where we met great people or France in March but I prefer to think to the next ones!

Most of the black metal bands focus on lyrics focusing on religious or pagan themes, while Handful of Hate chooses to focus on themes focusing on sexual magic, which is relatively unseen. What was the reason behind choosing such themes?

Simply because I like to talk about what my life is concerned and what I’m interested in… We talk about religion too, about iconography and different themes concerning man’s fears and instincts the wicked side of the nature but I don’t like so much “easy” or just the same boring lyrics about Satan, woods, demons. All just the same you read one you know all the rest!

Handful of Hate live 2010

What is the metal scene in Italy like?

There are few good bands and a lot of useless ones. I think just the same compared to other countries.

Italy is home to some of the most influential bands in extreme metal such as Death SS and Necrodeath. Any interesting experiences from performing with either of them?

I played with the second one once I think 9-10 years ago… Not a so good memory. With the first one I’ve been lucky I never played with them…

Handful of Hate’s fifth album, You Will Bleed was released last year. Compared to 2006’s Gruesome Splendour, the new album has a more raw and thrashy sound to it. Was it intentional? What were the musical influences on this latest output of the band?

My intention was to give an eye back to our roots and first steps. So I think this album maybe is a bit slower but more black metal than the previous ones. I think this is a complete album fast parts, slow ones powerful riffings and good old style thrashing parts!

As a musician, do you have any influences when writing the music for the band?

Sure! I listen to a lot of music so this helps me so much during arrangements, the songwriting phase is a little more complicated because usually I start with a guitar riff and in a second time I work on the whole song’s frame.

Apart from being in Handful of Hate, do you have a daytime job?

Yes we’re workers the only one who’s involved into music is our drummer, he works as drummer.

Despite your busy schedule with Handful of Hate, I realized that you have a side project, Deviant Pulse. Is it still an ongoing project? Perhaps you could give our readers a brief introduction to this project?

The project is actually stopped because I have no time to support and promote this band. I created Deviant Pulse in 2008 with the aim to play pornogrind and get some fun but I was the only one to compose songs, to manage the web site, to organize concerts to promote the band… So I got tired and honesty I have no time in this period to carry on a second band.

You Will Bleed

Handful of Hate has come a long way since 1993 and you will be touring to support the latest album, You Will Bleed. Any bands that you will personally like to tour with? Why?

A lot of bands, I have great memories together with great musicians and war brothers! I can mention Ancient Rites, Setherial, Carpathian Forest, Operation genocide, Fearbringer, Temple of Baal, Dismember and many others…

Any future plans after the tour is done? Can fans look forward to a new release any time soon?

Honesty I started to work on some new riffs but I take care to promote You Will Bleed in Europe and US. In a seconds’ time we’ll start the songwriting.

Any parting words for listeners and other bands out there?

Keep blasting and do not forget the right underground way to play good music, fuck rockstars!

Thank you once again for this interview! We wish you and your band all the best in your upcoming endeavours!

Thanks for the interview and support!

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