Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal

Invincible Force - Satan Rebellion Metal

Invincible Force [Chile]
Satan Rebellion Metal
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Death/Thrash/Black Metal

Even before listening to the band’s material, one would already expect them to be heavily Teutonic-influenced, with Invincible Force‘s moniker taken from the same Destruction song. Yet the South American origin of the band, along with the label under which their debut full length, Satan Rebellion Metal is released (Dark Descent Records), kinda gives away what to expect from Invincible Force.

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Rise the Wrath of Satan wastes no time in bringing their brand of blasphemy of destruction to the listener, and the first urgent riffs on the track quickly remind one of the war metal works of bands such as Morbosidad, with the thrashy approach of the band bringing about some Blasphemophagher comparisons. The guitars of Dead Goat and Enzodomizer are often high octane, and on the slightly slower moments on Necromance, the rage and chaos that they have incorporated into their playing are still obvious. They are backed by the relentless battery by drummer Cristobal and the low growl of Bato’s bass, who also displays his unrepressed anger and hate with his gruff vocals. The resemblance to Shyaithan’s vocals at times even brings some resemblance to Impiety, especially on the faster tracks.

Of course, with a name as such, it would be weird not to hear any Teutonic influences on the record, and the band makes sure that these are all nicely incorporated into their art. For instance, songs like Onwards to War and Unholy Trinity would have easily fitted into the early works of Destruction or Sodom. All these are backed by a nice and raw production, reminiscent of the classic blackened thrash sound of the 80s.

The tracks on Satan Rebellion Metal are all short and sweet, with the entire record lasting a mere 25 minutes, hitting the listener fast and hard.


1. Rise the Wrath of Satan
2. Scraps of the Dead
3. Necromance
4. Summoning the Black Destruction
5. Desolation
6. Onwards to War
7. Bringers of Armageddon
8. Unholy Trinity

Invincible Force on the internet:
Dark Descent Records

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