MUWW Special: Interview with Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a name that we haven’t heard in awhile, and now they are making their comeback this 5 May at the inaugural Metal United World Wide, Singapore. We catch up with band mastermind Ryan to see what the band has been up to, and what to expect in their homecoming show, and their new material. How will their fascination in tech and science bring their music to the next level?

Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time for us at Heavy Metal Tribune. It has been awhile since we last spoke to you. What’s been going on at the Deus Ex Machina camp lately?

Hey guys. Well for the last few years a bunch of things have happened. Shai is a proud dad of 2, we have had lineup changes, and now working on new material. We’ve more or else kept the same style, but have changed some things around.

The band recently unveiled its newest lineup, amongst which comprises Bhelliom vocalist Vivek. Could you introduce to us the new lineup, and tell us how it came about?

Long story, but we won’t bore you. There was a break for a couple of years and Mithun went off and now lives in Sweden. Anand’s job was taking time on him and it was not easy for him to juggle the tours, rehearsals and work.

When me and Shai decided to start up again, we decided to go with Vivek – who had already done some shows with us a few years ago. He knows all of us, and I’ve been in other bands with him, so we got him in.

Herman (Out For Blood) was the next to join. We had placed an ad on Facebook, and he wanted to try out. He came. He saw. He jammed. He joined.

And as usual, one drunken night out with some friends and we met Jussi the Finn. We talked, hit it off very well, and we needed a bass player. He has lots of experience and we’ve been working pretty closely since.

Jussi the Finn (bass)

The band in January also unveiled its updated logo. What was the concept behind it, and how does it reflect the present and future of Deus Ex Machina’s music?

We wanted something different. Something unique as opposed to just using fonts to get a logo. It was done by Shai actually.

The band’s performance this May at the Metal United World Wide is the first in a rather long time. What was the reason behind the radio silence, and what made the band decide on its comeback this year?

After we got the full line-up back together last year, fleshing out the new songs came in quick and fast. As a unit, our last performance was in 2012 and it was natural that the urge to showcase this new line-up came along. We feel that this is the one of the best line-ups DEM has had over the last 12 years hence when we were approached to play in MUWW, it was a no brainer really.

With the new lineup and renewed energy, what can fans of the band expect this May 5 from Deus Ex Machina?

We are going to be playing a lot of new songs so it is going to be a great mix of melody, technicality and sheer aggression. We are also working on a special surprise which will be revealed closer to the gig date so watch our FB and Instagram page for further details.

Listening back to the band’s debut album gave me goosebumps, with the progressivity in the musical style, and the lineup of prominent vocalists from the scene. Can fans of the band expect any new material from Deus Ex Machina soon?

Yes you can. We have some teaser rehearsal videos on our Facebook page. Go ahead and have a listen. One thing that stands out are the guitars are de-tuned to A#, and we have some new elements added to the music. Just like I, Human one single vocalist.

It’s great having input from everyone, and the collaboration is pretty damn awesome.

The band’s lyrics have always revolved around science fiction themes. Now that we are near the future with things like AI, IOT, and cryptocurrency, can fans expect to see the inclusion of such technology in the future output of the band?

With Vivek on board, there is a shift towards to the human emotional element angle as his lyrics tend to swing towards those themes. What is interesting which the band explores is the human connection and emotion towards technology/anti-tech and the fine line between virtual reality and life in general.

Personally, what are some of the technology that has fascinated you in recent times, and where do you see the future of science and technology heading towards?

I work in technology, specifically with pharmaceutical companies. With new advances, we are now seeing new procedures and advancement in medical sciences.

With other areas, even in social media, the world is now smaller and advanced more in the last 10 years, than it has in the last 30. SpaceX is exciting, what Tesla is doing is great, medical devices are so much more advanced that micro surgery is now common.

AI will be next wave, and we will be replaced slowly be replaced if this is not under control. Imagine your washing machine telling you to use a specific detergent because it prefers the fragrance, texture, and how it is a great lubricant………….………………


Catch Deus Ex Machina, and many other quality Singaporean bands this May 5 at the inaugural, Singapore edition of the Metal United World Wide. More details at this location.

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