Oblivious – Out of Wilderness

Oblivious - Out of Wilderness

Oblivious [Sweden]
Out of Wilderness
Full Length
Hard Rock

The foray into bands that pay homage to the roots of hard rock and heavy metal have led me to discover a whole host of new bands that uphold that creed, first with bands like Black Trip then later with the more psychedelic-leaning bands like Nocturnalia. One thing has always remained constant – that the bands’ origins are from where else, but Sweden. Here we have Oblivious‘ third opus, Out of Wilderness, and with their compatriots putting out such quality work, the pressure is on for them as well.

Yet unlike their compatriots, Oblivious instead presents a heavier stoner edge, and right from the start with For Who Do You Burn, one is reminded of On Fire and Demons-era Spiritual Beggars, from the groovy riffs that Böris provides to the vocals of Isak, who somehow reminds me of Spiritual Beggars‘ JB Christofferson.

The band’s musical roots clearly show through on Out of Wilderness as well, from the bluesy leads that Böris often utilise like on For Who Do You Burn, which reek of Black Sabbath and Tony Iommi to the loud hard rock and brash vibe on tracks like Dirty HandBang even has some slight references to Purple Haze, minus the psychedelia that Hendrix yet retaining that groove and catchiness. Album closer/ballad Like Brothers sounds like what could have been a Slash or Alter Bridge ballad, further expanding their portfolio of influences.

The entire listening experience of Out of Wilderness is catchy as hell (and, cowbells!), one that will captivate fans of the old school rock ‘n’ roll and hard rock, as well as the somewhat newer school of Spiritual BeggarsOrange Goblin and the likes. Sure, while the band takes a tongue-in-cheek approach at times with songs like Screwed, the musicality on Out of Wilderness is impressive as hell. Lasting 2 minutes short of the 30-minute mark, Oblivious keeps everything short and sweet, yet leaving a lasting impression on the listener.


1. For Who Do You Burn
2. Dirty Hand
3. Bang
4. Shore to Shore
5. Riding Down
6. Screwed
7. Midnight Mess
8. Like Brothers

Favourite picks: For Who Do You Burn, Dirty Hand, Like Brothers

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