Ozmathoq – More than a Hero

Ozmathoq - More than a Hero

Ozmathoq [USA]
More than a Hero
Heavy/Thrash Metal

I’ll be honest. When I first received Ozmathoq‘s More than a Hero EP, I consciously delayed any attempts to listen to the release, with that rather weird album artwork and the huge “remastered and re-edited” stamp at the bottom of the cover. But reading the band’s biography got me somewhat interested, with Ozmathoq‘s history going all the way back to 1986. With what little information I could find, I figured that More than a Hero is probably one of the earliest material of the band.

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While the band lists mostly old school heavy metal bands such as Iron MaidenBlack Sabbath and Judas Priest as their influences, from the start of More than a Hero one realises that the music of Ozmathoq leans more towards the thrash metal spectrum of the era. The energy in the music, with the heaviness in the riffs unleashed and the rawness in the vocals quickly reminds one of the early works of Teutonic bands such as Destruction and Kreator, though Ozmathoq tends to take things at a slower, mid-pace over here instead of the urgent, high-octane experience that the Germans prefer. The entire atmosphere conjured by the band, coupled with the echoes in the vocals and that distant sounding leads would have made Ozmathoq fit into the early 80s scene like a glove, and throughout the record one also found similarities to pioneers such as Venom in their musical execution, especially on songs like the aggressive The Great Deceiver.

For a release of the 80s, More than a Hero is certainly a good release with sufficient catchy hooks to grab the old school thrash metal fan’s attention.


1. More than a Hero
2. The Great Deceiver
3. Dance of the Cobra
4. Turn Around

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