Skraeckoedlan – Sagor

Skraeckoedlan - Sagor

Skraeckoedlan [Sweden]
Full Length
Razzia Records
Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal

My current run of infatuation with the stoner/doom metal genre has resulted in me discovering bands that I would have otherwise not have heard of, including those with such exotic names as SkraeckoedlanSagor is the Swedish fuzz-rock’s sophomore full length album, and in my quest to find more atmospheric/ambient, the artwork on the album certainly catches my eye.

The atmospheric opening moments on Prolog quickly sends the listener into a nice daze, but Skraeckoedlan heats things up very quickly as soon as the first riffs hit the listener, heavy yet groovy as hell. The heavy fuzzy effects that the band loves to utilise quickly reminded me of the works of psychedelic stoner and sludge bands such as Olde Growth or Sea, with the aforementioned’s love for the heavy low-end. The psychedelia continues with Gigantos, and the slower moments on the record easily leads one to bring about comparisons with bands such as Acid King or Weedeater.

With all the groove and catchiness, the band also inserts some rather progressive elements throughout the album, including sudden shifts of tempo. Couple that with the heaviness that the band constantly indulges in, the influences from bands like Mastodon become rather clear, with the sludgier moments even being rather reminiscent of later High on Fire material. Those slower moments on the album like El Monstro, with the trippy solos also remind one of the works of Electric Wizard or Windhand, aided by the entire atmosphere on the record.

The entire album is sung in their native Swedish, and to a non-Swedish speaker, this results in a listening experience that is pretty interesting, and somewhat exotic. Despite so, the emotions that the band intends to transmit is easily understood through the music itself, displaying the strength of the songwriting of the band.

Sagor has displayed the prowess of Skraeckoedlan‘s abilities as songwriters and musicians, and is one slick, beautiful and enchanting album from start to finish.


1. Prolog
2. Gigantos
3. Epos
4. Awen
5. El Monstro
6. Odjuret
7. Flod
8. Squidman
9. Mothra
10. Epilog

Skraeckoedlan on the internet:
Official website

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