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Album Review: Beyond Mortal Dreams – Lamia

Beyond Mortal Dreams [Australia]
Lavadome Productions
Death Metal

Aussies Beyond Mortal Dreams left me extremely impressed with their 2012 EP, Dreaming Death, and this year’s release Lamia got me rather excited, ready for even more heavy death metal goodness after the extremely short 4 tracks on Dreaming Death. While hardly …

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Album Review: Contaminated – Pestilential Decay

Contaminated [Australia]
Pestilential Decay
Crawling Chaos Productions
Death Metal

From the land that brought to death metal fanatics bands such as Ignivomous, Impious Baptism and the likes spits forth yet another filthy, cavernous death metal act in the form of Contaminated. With only a sole member behind the band, Contaminated this …

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Interview with Eternal Rest

Eternal Rest was in town on 10th April 2014, in preparation for their first ever show in Singapore on April 12. Ishaan from Heavy Metal Tribune was at Hear Records for a short chat with the band.

Thanks to Street Noise Productions for the opportunity to talk to the band.

Album Review: Eskhaton – Worship Death

Eskhaton [Australia]
Worship Death
Full Length
Chaos Records
Black/Death Metal

Oceania has had it’s fair share of bestial black/death metal, with not only legends such as Bestial Warlust, but also bands like Diocletian, Witchrist and Heresiarch bearing the torch of the belligerent and destructive genre. As though the brutality that these bands weren’t …

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Album Review: Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell

Erebus Enthroned [Australia]
Temple Under Hell
Full Length
Seance Records
Black Metal

After their excellent debut Night’s Black Angel in 2011, my fascination in Aussie black metal band Erebus Enthroned grew, and with this year’s release of their brand new full length Temple Under Hell, my anticipation was finally satisfied.

Erebus …

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