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Album Review: Usurpress – Ordained

Usurpress [Sweden]
Full Length
Doomentia Records
Death/Sludge Metal

Old school Swedish death metal has become saturated to a point where I experience a certain phobia when encountering new releases, fearing that it would just be another rehashing of Entombed/Dismember/Grave etc. But with Usurpress‘ 2012 debut full length garnering …

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Album Review: Bastard Priest – Ghouls of the Endless Night

Bastard Priest [Sweden]
Ghouls of the Endless Night
Full Length
Pulverised Records (CD)/Blood Harvest Records (LP)
Death Metal

Swedish death metal has started to bore me a little, with many new releases undoubtedly sounding extremely good but largely make use of the same formula over and over again. Pulverised …

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