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Voices - Frightened

Akercocke returned after a decade-long studio silence last year, but this wasn’t the mark of the end of David Gray’s Voices – far from it. This year sees the band releasing their third full length album, and if you thought that you liked the weirdness of Akercocke, then the even more experimental Frightened would hit the spot for you.

Album Review: Abaddon Incarnate – Pessimist

Abaddon Incarnate [Ireland]
Full Length
Candlelight Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

When I first listened to Abaddon Incarnate‘s latest album Pessimist I failed to look through the band’s history, almost expecting Pessimist to be another death/thrash release, so it was really a (still pretty nice) surprise hearing a style that leans closer …

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Album Review: Havok – Unnatural Selection

Havok [USA]
Unnatural Selection
Full Length
Candlelight Records
Thrash Metal

The thing about younger thrash bands these days is that they have the advantage of their youth and modern playing and production, and that youthful energy and powerful sounding recording definitely results in lethal sounding releases. Bands like Lost …

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Album Review: Sigh – In Somniphobia

Sigh [Japan]
In Somniphobia
Full Length
Candlelight Records
Avant-Garde/Black Metal

Japan’s Sigh is a rather eccentric band. Other than the obsession with having their release titles’ first letters match S-I-G-H in that order, there is also the musical style that the band plays in – one that is ever-changing and hard to classify. Ever since …

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Album Review: Demonic Resurrection – The Return to Darkness

Demonic Resurrection [INDIA]
The Return to Darkness
Full Length
Symphonic black/death metal

Fans of Sam Dunn’s documentary, Global Metal won’t be a stranger to this band. Demonic Resurrection’s The Return to Darkness is their 3rd full length album, and also the final chapter in their Darkness trilogy.

The new lineup

While The Return …

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