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Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal

Invincible Force may have taken their name from Destruction’s song with the same name, but what they present on their debut full length, Satan Rebellion Metal, is more than just old school thrash. The black and death metal influence that have gone into the melting pot that is Satan Rebellion Metal will please fans from a wide range of genres, from the filthy, bestial raw metal to black/thrash metal of the 80s.

Album Review: Kratherion – Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes

Kratherion [Chile]
Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes
Full Length
Exhumed from the Grave
Black Metal

Coming from the same record label that released material from compatriots Ammit, it is no surprise the style of music that Chile’s Kratherion plays on their sophomore full length album, Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes, with three quarters of …

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Album Review: Siaskel – Jatenentolpen Thejin

Siaskel [Chile]
Jatenentolpen Thejin
Full Length
Black/Death Metal

Chile has already proven itself to be a potent breeding ground for some pretty barbaric and bestial extreme metal, with recent releases by bands like Demonic Rage leaving quite a deep mark on me. Siaskel hails from this vicious land as …

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Album Review: Demonic Rage – Venomous Wine from Putrid Bodies

Demonic Rage [Chile]
Venomous Wine from Putrid Bones
Full Length
Iron Bonehead Productions
Death Metal

Yes! More South American death metal madness! This time it’s Chile’s Demonic Rage and their debut full length album, Venomous Wine from Putrid Bones, their first full length onslaught since their formation in 2001 and …

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Album Review: Pirosaint – Infected Brutality

Pirosaint [Chile]
Infected Brutality
Digmetalworld Records
Death/Thrash Metal

While Chilean thrashers Pirosaint have been around since the late 80s, the band has not really gained much attention, and even after their relocation to New York in 2011 they have yet to release a single full length album, preferring …

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