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DEMONSTEALER: Video to New Track “Sculpting the Archetype” Released

Demonstealer, the solo project of Demonic Resurrection mastermind Sahil, has dropped the video to their crushing new single Sculpting the Archetype. Featuring members of Hideous Divinity, Septicflesh, and Nervecell, nothing comes closer to death metal perfection than this.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION Release Music Video For “Death, Desolution and Despair”

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection recently released a creepy trailer (watch here: http://youtu.be/_2-9u3Etee4) hinting at a possible music video. The trailer was indeed for their new music video for the song ‘Death, Desolation And Despair’ from their recently released 4th studio album ‘The Demon King’ out worldwide on Candlelight Records and Universal Music.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION Release Lyric Video & First Single from ‘The Demon King’

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have released a lyric video for their song ‘Trail Of Devastation’ which is the first single from their upcoming album ‘The Demon King’.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION Unveils Cover Artwork, Track Listing For ‘The Demon King’

Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have revealed the artwork and track list for their 4th full-length album titled ‘The Demon King’. The artwork has been done by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc who has worked with bands such as Behemoth, Vader,Nile and Necrophagist among others.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION: New Track ‘Death, Desolation And Despair ‘ Available For Streaming

A demo version of a new track entitled Death, Desolation And Despair by Indian Metal Veterans Demonic Resurrection has now been released online as part of a compilation released by Candlelight Records.

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