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Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal

Invincible Force may have taken their name from Destruction’s song with the same name, but what they present on their debut full length, Satan Rebellion Metal, is more than just old school thrash. The black and death metal influence that have gone into the melting pot that is Satan Rebellion Metal will please fans from a wide range of genres, from the filthy, bestial raw metal to black/thrash metal of the 80s.

Ozmathoq – More than a Hero

American old school headbangers Ozmathoq return from their hibernation with a remastered and re-edited version of their early release, More than a Hero. The surprisingly good old school thrash anthems contained on this 4-track, 17-minute record came as a shock, throwing the skeptical off-guard.

Breathless – Return to Pangea

Spanish thrashers Breathless return with their sophomore full length album, Return to Pangea. As suggested by its album title, the Spaniards return to their thrash metal roots with this release, and is a mosh-fest for fans of all things thrash.

Album Review: Thy Fallen Kingdom – Fear the Hunter

Thy Fallen Kingdom [Singapore]
Fear the Hunter
Full Length
Thrash Metal

Thy Fallen Kingdom holds a rather special place in my personal metal history, being one of the first local bands that I witnessed live in my first underground show back in 2009 at the Mahligai Manis pub (along …

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Album Review: Lurking Evil – The Almighty Hordes of the Undead

Lurking Evil [Spain]
The Almighty Hordes of the Undead
Full Length
Razorback Recordings
Black/Thrash Metal/Punk

Spain has spat forth numerous impressive death metal acts, with the death metal scene strengthened by the likes of Xtreem Music and the various musical explorations of Dave Rotten. Lurking Evil may not be …

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