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MUWW Special: Interview with Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a name that we haven’t heard in awhile, and now they are making their comeback this 5 May at the inaugural Metal United World Wide, Singapore. We catch up with band mastermind Ryan to see what the band has been up to, and what to expect in their homecoming show, and their new material.

Guitarist Spotlight: Ryan (Deus Ex Machina)

This week we talk to Ryan, guitarist of Deus Ex Machina, known not only for their extremely technical form of death metal and also for his stage antics which have drawn both ire and praise from those who have witnessed them live. Read on to know more about what goes on behind this crazy mastermind …

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Interview with Deus Ex Machina

Having already 2 albums under their belt, with the first album featuring 7 different vocalists and both albums having such a blistering progressive edge to them, Deus Ex Machina certainly brings a unique brand of death metal to the table. We talk to Mithun (vocalist) and Ryan (guitarist) of the band to learn more about …

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Album Review: Dues Ex Machina – I, Human

Deus Ex Machina [SINGAPORE]
I, Human
Full Length
Death Metal

To be really honest, this wasn’t an easy record to review. In fact it could possibly have been one of the hardest that I have ever reviewed. Not that it was a bad record, but like some good classics out …

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Views from the Pit: Black Revelations 2010

It’s often difficult to write reviews for gigs where there are bands that are perhaps not up to par with the rest of the lineup, but fortunately this one is going to be easy for me.

Black Revelations 2010 was held yesterday at Home Club, organized by Trippy Factory, a gig organizer for …

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