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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 2 (September 2012)

OUT NOW: The second issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

Featuring interviews with Brazilian thrash maniacs Violator, oppressive Australian black/death metal outfit Greed & Rapacity, American death metal band Marasmus and Malaysian depressive/melancholic black metal band Filsufatia. In addition, we introduce our new News section, alongside our usual editors’ picks, with 6 albums that will …

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Album Review: Filsufatia – Buried Beneath & Forgotten

Filsufatia [Malaysia]
Buried Beneath & Forgotten
Depressive Black Metal

My impression of Malaysian extreme metal has always leaned more towards the brutal and thrashy end of the spectrum, with bands like Mantak and Crown ov Horns being the names that come off the top of my head immediately. However, …

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