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Satanic Warmaster – Fimbulwinter

Satanic Warmaster’s fifth full length is classic Finnish black metal, with the band this time even incorporating elements of folk and viking to make Fimbulwinter an even more enchanting listen for rabid fans of the genre. Warmaster Returns!

Album Review: Goat Semen – Ego Svm Satana

The bloodthirst of South Americans is obvious with bands like Sarcofago, and more recently Infernal War spawning out of the region. Goat Semen joins the party this year with their debut full length album after almost 15 years from their formation, and once again proves the belligerence of South America and its bestial black/death bands.

Album Review: Perdition Temple – The Tempter’s Victorious

Perdition Temple’s formation after the demise of Angelcorpse left fans of the band rejoicing, continuing the legacy of the latter. The Tempter’s Victorious is Perdition Temple’s follow up to Edict of the Antichrist Elect, and after an almost 5-year silence, the band is back once more with a refreshed lineup, stronger and more vicious than ever.

Album Review: Perdition Temple – Sovereign of the Desolate

Perdition Temple [USA]
Sovereign of the Desolate
Hells Headbangers Records
Black/Death Metal

With the demise of Angelcorpse, Perdition Temple‘s 2010 debut Edict of the Antichrist elect quickly became one of my favourite releases of the year, yet another outlet for Gene Palubicki to unleash his fury. 4 years on, the …

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Album Review: Execration – Morbid Dimensions

Execration [Norway]
Morbid Dimensions
Full Length
Hells Headbangers Records
Death Metal

The only death metal band out of Norway that really captivated me so far is Kraanium with their relentless, brutal style of death metal. Apart from that, my knowledge of Norwegian death metal is as good …

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