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Galneryus – Ultimate Sacrifice

After a high of 2 albums, starting with 2012’s Angel of Salvation, Galneryus’ last album Under the Force of Courage left me rather underwhelmed. 2 years on, the band returns faster, louder, with more pomp and melody with Ultimate Sacrifice.

Album Review: Tiger Junkies – D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers

Tiger Junkies [Japan]
D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers
2008/2013 (reissue)
Full Length
Hells Headbangers
Thrash Metal/Crossover

Starting off as a side project of Joel Grind and Yasuyuki, the entity known as Tiger Junkies have recorded sufficient material since 2004 to release a full length album. 2008 saw the band releasing …

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Album Review: Coffins – Colossal Hole

Coffins [Japan]
Colossal Hole
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Death/Doom Metal

Ever since my exposure to 2008’s Buried Death, I’ve been rather fascinated with Japanese death/doom horde Coffins. Unfortunately the band then made fans wait for quite awhile before the promise of another full length album. This year the band …

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Album Review: Deaflock – Courage to Expose All

Deaflock [Japan]
Courage to Expose All
Full Length
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Thrash Metal

Japanese metal has failed to disappoint me so far, regardless of the genre that the band plays in, the Japanese have always proved their superiority in the execution. Deaflock is no different, and this would …

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Album Review: Galneryus – Angel of Salvation

Galneryus [Japan]
Angel of Salvation
Full Length
Power Metal

For some reason, ever since the departure of Galneryus‘ ex-vocalist Yama-B, the band’s new material have never really caught my attention. New vocalist Masatoshi felt somewhat awkward after being so used to Yama-B’s vocals on albums like Advance to the …

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