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Album Review: Elektrodeth – Digital Apocalypse

Elektrodeth [Singapore/Malaysia]
Digital Apocalypse
Industrial Death Metal

Elektrodeth is the new project of Rudra‘s Vinod, and the band labels themselves “extreme trance metal”. A label as such already gives a hint towards the sound that one can expect on Digital Apocalypse, their debut EP. Along with that futuristic, …

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Album Review: Lavatory – Morbid Terror

Lavatory [Malaysia]
Morbid Terror
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

True to their name, Malaysian death horde Lavatory‘s music is filthy as fuck, like a post-apocalyptic lavatory left to rot. With the putrid artwork by none other than Daniel ‘Devilish’ Johnsson, one almost already knows what to expect the …

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Album Review: Humiliation – Turbulence from the Deep

Humiliation [Malaysia]
Turbulence from the Deep
Full Length
Deepsend Records
Death Metal

The first time I encountered Malaysian death metal horde Humiliation was in their performance with Impiety in the latter’s first show in six years, back in 2011. Despite the crowd mostly not knowing who they were, their performance …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 2 (September 2012)

OUT NOW: The second issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

Featuring interviews with Brazilian thrash maniacs Violator, oppressive Australian black/death metal outfit Greed & Rapacity, American death metal band Marasmus and Malaysian depressive/melancholic black metal band Filsufatia. In addition, we introduce our new News section, alongside our usual editors’ picks, with 6 albums that will …

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Album Review: Hayagriva – Descendant XII

Hayagriva [Malaysia]
Descendant XII
Full Length
Symphonic Black Metal
Khakan Productions


My first encounter with Malaysian extreme metal outfit Hayagriva was their 2011 EP, Emperor Awaits, featuring different mixes of the title track, Emperor Awaits, along with 3 other heavily electronic-influenced tracks. The production quality of the album certainly left me rather impressed, and …

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