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HMT Interviews: Butcher Babies

Modern metal/metalcore band Butcher Babies have come a long way since their beginnings in 2009, most notable back then for the costume of choice onstage. Over the years though, the band has changed their image, wanting their fans to focus more on their music rather than their visual appeal. We talk about this and more with band founders, Carla and Heidi.

Album Review: Rectified Spirit – Rectified Spirit

Rectified Spirit [India]
Rectified Spirit
Full Length
Demonstealer Records
Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

There was a time when metal from Asia was rather unheard of (with the exception of numerous greats), and metal was generally restricted to Europe and the Americas. But gone are the days, with bands coming …

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Views from the Pit: Fall of Mirra album launch

Those who know my musical preferences will be aware that hardcore and metalcore are rarely my choice of poison, and local metalcore band Fall of Mirra‘s album launch is the first -core gig that I attend and I have to say, the experience has been a rather significantly different compared to the numerous metal shows that …

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Album Review: Truth Corroded – Worship the Bled

Truth Corroded [Australia]
Worship the Bled
Full Length
Ultimhate Records
Death/Thrash Metal/Metalcore

My first encounter with Truth Corroded was through their performance at the last Grindhouse gig, where they headlined alongside numerous other local death metal and grindcore bands. The band managed to stand out for me, being not only …

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Interview with Truth Corroded

Truth Corroded recently performed in Singapore – their second time to set foot here – in support of their recent album, Worship the Bled. Promising listeners and fans of a darker journey this time, we talk to bassist of the band, Gregory Shaw to learn more about their history and more about their new album.

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