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Breathless – Return to Pangea

Spanish thrashers Breathless return with their sophomore full length album, Return to Pangea. As suggested by its album title, the Spaniards return to their thrash metal roots with this release, and is a mosh-fest for fans of all things thrash.

Album Review: Alkira – Juggernaut

Alkira [Australia]
Full Length
Thrash/Groove Metal

Hot on the heels of their excellent EP, Red Devil last year, Alkira this year drops their full length album Juggernaut, a 50-odd minute, erm, juggernaut release. With the hype that the band has managed to create with the energetic material on Red Devil, Juggernaut was …

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Album Review: Alkira – Red Devil

Alkira [Australia]
Red Devil
Thrash Metal

Thrash revival has hit Australia fast and hard, with all the recent discoveries of thrash gems coming out of the region. With Mason performing their first gig outside of Australia last week, my interest in thrash from Down Under has intensified. And while technically speaking Alkira …

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METALLICA’s ‘Lords Of Summer’ Limited-Edition Vinyl: Video Overview

On Black Friday “Record Store Day,” November 28, METALLICA released a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl of “Lords Of Summer”. Side A features the “First Pass” (studio) version of the new song “Lords Of Summer” as well as a previously unreleased live version recorded at the Rock In Rome Sonisphere festival on July 1, 2014. Side B features a laser etching of the METALLICA “M” logo. This collectable vinyl is only available through independent retail and Metallica.com.

METALLICA To Release 27 Live Albums On CD

METALLICA’s official web site has been updated with the following message:
“We’ve been extremely proud to offer virtually every show we’ve done in the past ten years as a download within days of the shows happening… sometimes even hours! Over the years we’ve been able to offer more download options adding HD audio and Apple lossless files to the mix, but we still get requests for the ‘old-school’ compact disc.

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