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Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

The huge influx of extreme metal bands has made it rather hard for new bands to truly stand out. While more established bands have continued releasing a string of high quality releases, newer bands tend to find it difficult to leave their mark on the genre – that is, until I heard Portuguese black metal band Gaerea and their excellent debut full length album, Unsettling Whispers.

Album Review: Colosso – Thallium

Colosso [Portugal]
Technical Death Metal

Portuguese death metal band Colosso left me rather impressed with their debut album Abrasive Peace back in 2012, and one short year later the band returns with an updated lineup with their new EP, Thallium.

As promised by band mastermind Max Tome, Colosso goes …

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Album Review: Decayed – The Ancient Brethren

Decayed [Portugal]
The Ancient Brethren
Full Length
Blackseed Productions
Black Metal

Having been around since 1991, Decayed is probably one of the earliest black metal bands that come out of Portugal. The Ancient Brethren is the band’s 9th full length release in their 20-odd year career, and now with members such …

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Heavy Metal Tribune #011 (July/August 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #011

This month we are honoured to have Singahell Barbarian Horde the Mighty Impiety gracing our cover. We talk to band mastermind Shyaithan to learn more about the glorious history of Impiety, along with some trivia about their brand new release, The Impious Crusade. We follow that up with Dark Tranquillity telling us …

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Album Review: Colosso – Abrasive Peace

Colosso [Portugal]
Abrasive Peace
Full Length
Independent/Mulligore Production
Progressive Death Metal

While Colosso describes themselves as “experimental death metal”, there really isn’t anything that struck me as particularly experimental or innovative on their second full length album Abrasive Peace. Nonetheless, this does not mean that there is a lack of …

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