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The Moth Gatherer – The Earth is the Sky

Swedish atmospheric doom/sludge metal band The Moth Gatherer returns with their second opus, The Earth is the Sky, further exploring the sound created on their 2013 debut, A Braight Celestial Light, resulting in what could be one of my favourite records for 2015.

Album Review: Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction

Distorted Harmony [Israel]
Chain Reaction
Full Length
Progressive Rock/Metal

Progressive metal was never really my kind of thing, apart from that occasional Dream Theater, so receiving Distorted Harmony sophomore full length Chain Reaction, I didn’t really know what to expect with that geeky cover art, and the fact that they …

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Album Review: Harakiri from the Sky – Aokigahara

Harakiri for the Sky [Austria]
Full Length
Art of Propaganda
Atmospheric Black Metal/Post Rock

In keeping with the recent interest in the black metal and post rock genres, it’s nice to chance upon Austrian band Harakiri for the Sky. While the band is relatively young, being formed only …

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Album Review: Dies Irae – Secret Veils of Passion

Dies Irae [Mexico]
Secret Veils of Passion
Full Length
Chaos Records
Atmospheric Metal/Post-Rock

Prior to encountering Dies Irae from Mexico, the only other Dies Irae that I knew was the Polish band, with their furious brand of death metal. Mexico’s Dies Irae, however, presents a totally different style of music, with …

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Album Review: naisian – Mammalian

naisian [UK]
Full Length

U.K post metal band naisian, hails from Sheffield, the same city as another one of this reviewer’s favourite post rock band, 65daysofstatic. Maybe it’s something in the waters there that makes Sheffield produce great, catchy post rock sounds. naisian comes …

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