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Frosthelm – The Endless Winter

American black/thrash metal unit Frosthelm this year releases their debut full length, The Endless Winter, promising to ravage the metal underground with their brand of high-octane and intense, yet cold and bleak style of metal.

Impalers – God from the Machine

With their 2014 EP Prepare for War being rather highly acclaimed and released under the excellent Evil EyE Records, one can be assured of the quality of the thrash metal of Impalers on their new effort.

Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal

Invincible Force may have taken their name from Destruction’s song with the same name, but what they present on their debut full length, Satan Rebellion Metal, is more than just old school thrash. The black and death metal influence that have gone into the melting pot that is Satan Rebellion Metal will please fans from a wide range of genres, from the filthy, bestial raw metal to black/thrash metal of the 80s.

SODOM To Release “Sacred Warpath” EP

Listen up, everybody! Mister Tom Angelripper has important things to say on the subject of the brand-new SODOM EP Sacred Warpath, on the state of the world and on life in general. He’s really vented his feelings:

Album Review: Cemetery Lust – Orgies of Abomination

Cemetery Lust [USA]
Orgies of Abomination
Full Length
Hells Headbangers
Black/Thrash Metal

Simply looking at the artwork of Cemetery Lust‘s latest release,  Orgies of Abomination, one would easily mistake it for one of those bestial releases out of the 80s or 90s, with that evil vibe and that rather …

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