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Interview with Kalmah

With a string of high quality releases over their illustrious career, Kalmah has to be one of Finland’s best kept melodic death metal secret. This year the band releases their eighth full length album, Palo, and celebrate their 20th anniversary. We had the opportunity to talk to Pekka, guitarist and vocalist of the band to learn more.

Interview with ChthoniC

This year marks the third time Taiwanese band ChthoniC sets foot on Singapore. We catch up with frontman Freddy to learn more about their new album, Bu-Tik and more. For non-Mandarin speaking friends, look out for the English version of the interview in the upcoming issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

Hi ChthoniC, it’s been …

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Album Review: Funebre – Children of the Scorn

Funebre [Finland]
Children of the Scorn
Full Length
1991/2004/2011 (Reissue)
Spinefarm Records/Xtreem Music (Reissue)
Death Metal

Xtreem Music continues their reissue series with yet another old school death metal record, Finland’s Funebre‘s debut (and only) full length album, Children of the Scorn. Along with bands like Abhorrence, Funebre stands as one of …

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Album Review: ChthoniC – Takasago Army

ChthoniC [Taiwan]
Takasago Army
Full Length
Spinefarm Records
Melodic Black Metal

Ditching the image that they had in 2009’s Mirror of Retribution in favour of less make up and face paints, Taiwan’s ChthoniC returns this year with their brand new effort Takasago Army, marking the end of a trilogy …

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Album review: ChthoniC – Mirror of Retribution

ChthoniC [TAIWAN]
Mirror of Retribution
Full Length
Melodic black metal

Taiwanese black metal band is perhaps one of the biggest extreme metal bands out of the Asian region, proving global metalheads that Asians can come up with quality black metal as well. Perhaps more well known in Taiwan as outspoken icons and pushers …

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