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Album Review: Tyrants Blood – Coven

Tyrants Blood [Canada]
Tridroid Records
Black Metal

My interest in Tyrants Blood has once again been sparked with the recent encounter with their latest album, Into the Kingdom of Graves, perhaps their most polished and technical release to date. In keeping with the hype generated over the …

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Heavy Metal Tribune #013

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #013

Returning after a 7-year long wait since their last album, Fields of Rot, Norwegian black/thrashers Nocturnal Breed grace our cover, with band mastermind S.A. Destroyer giving us a peek behind the scenes on what went on in the writing of their latest album, Napalm Nights.

In our chat with Matti and …

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Best of 2013 (so far…)

It’s the time of the year again where we compile some of the albums that have grabbed our attention. We have seen and heard many good releases from bands young and old over the past year, and below is a non-exhaustive list of great records put out in the year 2013.

In no particular order:

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Album Review: Tyrants Blood – Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood [Canada]
Into the Kingdom of Graves
Full Length
Black/Death Metal

Formed by ex-Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco, Canada’s Tyrants Blood with their new effort Into the Kingdom of Graves is into their third full length release now. And with classic releases like Fallen Angel of Doom… under his belt, Marco …

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