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Album Review: Human Devastation – Condemación

Human Devastation [Mexico]
Full Length
Kukulkan Records
Death Metal

There is something about the water in Mexico that gives all the bands that come out of the region one hell of a filthy, bestial touch, and this is no different on Human Devastation‘s debut full length release, Condemación.

The …

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Album Review: Zygoatsis – Satanic Kultus – Unholy Desecration

Zygoatsis [Thailand]
Satanic Kultus – Unholy Desecration
Full Length
Deathrash Armageddon (CD)/Necromancer Records (LP)
Black/Death Metal

After so many years of releasing nothing but demos and splits, Thailand’s barbaric deathsquad releases their debut full length album, Satanic Kultus – Unholy Desecration. Building on the foundation that they …

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