Top 10 of 2010: 4

Here are the pick for the 4th album of the year for 2010 by our editors:

Solution.45 – For Aeons Past [Melodic Death Metal]

Yet another supergroup formed by Jani Stefanovic of Miseration and ex-Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Alvestam. Fans of Christian may think that this will be another Scar Symmetry-sounding album, but listening to this album proves the listener wrong. One other notable thing was that lyrics were contributed by Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne. – Clarence (OC ov Assault)


The Order of Apollyon – The Flesh [Black/Death Metal]

France/UK’s The Order of Apollyon is certainly no newcomer to extreme music. Featuring members of Balrog, Akercocke and Cradle of Filth, this certainly is deserving of a superband status, and the music doesn’t fail in cementing that status. The Flesh is the band’s debut album, and the crushing riffs and BST’s trademark vocals will definitely convert any fan of bands such as Balrog and Order of Ennead into theirs instantly. Satanic/anti-Christian fanatics take note though, The Order of Apollyon takes an interesting take on religions, it will not hurt to sit down and take a good read through their lyrics and perhaps gain some… enlightenment? – Hong Rui


1349 – Demonoir [Black Metal]

Black metal is a highly caged-in genre where homage and pastiche are abound. But 1349 attempts to break that mould with an atmospheric and yet brutal effort that fans will see as a clear rebound from the disappointment of Revelations of the Black Flame. – JJ Yeo


Atheist – Jupiter [Death Metal]

Technical death metal madness! – LingNemesis

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