Views from the Pit: ChthoniC – Battle at Sing Ling Temple

A heavy metal concert in front of such a traditional venue as a temple may seem strange and in fact quite an impossibility in Singapore. But certainly not for Taiwanese premier extreme metal act ChthoniC, having recently concluded their trilogy of albums based on one place (Sing Ling Temple) with their latest album, Takasago Army. Having a concert in front of Sing Ling Temple then definitely is a significant moment and of course a reminder to the Taiwanese people about what happened back in the 1930s’ “Wushe Incidents” and the final battle that occured at this very venue itself. Travelling from Singapore all the way to Puli, Taiwan to attend this exclusive concert is all worth it, and this marks the fourth time I’m watching them, and is certainly the concert that everyone is waiting for.

Upon arriving at the venue at 1600 hrs there was already quite a number of die-hard taiwanese metalhead queueing up and gathering around, including the two winners from the competition organised by ChthoniC themselves. The winners were respectively from Germany and Japan, but there were also fans from UK, Hong Kong, France eagerly waiting the entrance to the venue itself..

The gates finally opened at 1730 hrs and the show started at 1830 hrs, with ChthoniC playing the track, 49 Theurgy Chains from their Mirror of Retribution album. Unlike the show that the band performed in Singapore last year, all of their songs were sung in their native Taiwanese language, making this an even more special occasion. The two main highlights of the show were the guest appearances of Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) and Chen Ya Wen (the female guest vocalist on the Takasago Army album), with Randy singing Takao and Oceanquake and Ya Wen providing guest vocals for Kaoru.

During the intervals between each song, vocalist Freddy took his time to relate to the audience about why he chose this particular temple instead of others, among many other in-between track interactions with the audience.

With a total of 15 songs being played from their recent three albums (Seediq Bale, Mirror of Retribution and Takasago Army) it really rounds up the entire concept and storyline for the albums nicely, and fans of Singapore will have to look out for them when they’re here again in the future!


1. Intro
2. 49 Theurgy Chains
3. Rise of the Shadow
4. Rise of bloody sorrow
5. Mirror of retribution: spell of setting sun
6. Indigenous Laceration
7. Bloody Gaya Fuilled
8. Quasi Putrafaction
9. Legacy of the seediq
10. Southern Cross
11. Kaoru (Featuring Chen Ya Wen)
12: Takao (Featuring Randy Blythe)
13. Oceanquake (Featuring Randy Blythe)
14. Mahakla
15. Broken Jade (Encore)

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